Check out my interview with the incredible Alexandra Levasseur, now up on beautiful.bizarre! See an excerpt below and read the interview in its entirety here.

“In anticipation for the upcoming beautiful.bizarre curated exhibition ‘Bitter | Sweet‘, opening this Saturday 18March at 19 Karen Contemporary Artspace, we reached out to Alexandra Levasseur one of the contributing artists. Currently living and working in Montreal, Canada, Alexandra has created work that whispers intimate and beautiful secrets. Creeping rose vines twist around glaciers and glittering stalactites. A girl dreams while an arrow on fire burns bright, piercing her heart. Pastel swaths of impasto paint surround and penetrate these beings, deeply pensive in their solitude, Alexandra’s work is a gorgeous illusory and allegorical world, close enough to pour over with the eyes but deep enough to become lost within.”

Visit beautiful.bizarre to read the interview!